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The Challenge

There's nothing more exciting about my painting than being given a new commission. It's not the that "o'boy, another payday". Another challenge, trying to best the last work is how I view my work. My goal is to make the portrait look as though it will suddenly move or blink and say something to you.

I appreciate the photos that are given to me for the portraits. They are just what the customer is looking for in the portrait. Sometimes I'm presented with a varity of photos and get the opportunity to help them see why one photo setting would make a better portrait than the others.

And then there is the unique situation where there will be multiple of people in the portrait. Four different photos, each with their own lighting, different apparel, different poses. To work these differences to meet more than what the customer had ever expected, that's exciting.

I enjoy taking the photos myself. Many, many shots trying to capture the essence of the subject. To bring the subject to life in a portrait because the best photo was used is paramount.

One of my critics keeps telling me that I need to leave out this or adjust the way something looks, change to image to be more pleasing, less than what it really is, goes against what I feel that the customer is ask when they give me a commission. I always meet with them (if geographly possible) to discuss the portrait before I consider it finished. I want their oppinion. I've only had to make changes on one portrait where there were three siblings striving to get the portrait tweeked to their mutual satisfaction. There very happy and have sent referrals.

This eveing I presented an old friend with his commission. He was really excited, well pleased. It's one thing to see the pleasure upon the face(s) of the customer, you've only know briefly , knowing that I met their expectations. It's a different excitment that an old friend is really excited along with you.

Looking for excitment ! ! !

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